Postnatal Yoga


It is very common to feel disconnected from your body & yourself

after pregnancy, labour and birth, and this can continue especially if you are breast feeding too.

The Post-natal Yoga classes offer the perfect first step back

to that reconnection; physical recovery & rebuilding as well as

mental calm and connectedness. Carving out a small window in your week for yourself to practise yoga that is suitable for women in

their 1st year Postpartum.

Beginning as early as 6 weeks (please confirm with your

health-care professional / 10-12 weeks post-Caesarian birth)

there are subtle yet effective abdominal strengthening asanas

you can practice.

... Expect...

Gentle yet strength building asana

Stretches for achy backs, shoulders & wrists

Restorative practice

Rebuilding core strength

Integrated pelvic floor toning

Pranayama (breathwork)

Relaxation & positive affirmation

Empowering breath & posture work


Specific work on request for rebuilding

Diastasis Recti & Mild Prolapse Symptoms