Ante & Post natal Yoga in Falmouth


Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

Asana (postures) safe for Pregnancy

Prananyama (breath work) for Labour & Motherhood

Active Birth & Optimal Foetal Positioning

Postnatal Recovery & Fitness

Pregnancy Yoga

A yoga class dedicated to creating positivity & optimum wellbeing at this amazing transformational time. Feel empowered, as you adapt to the changes in your body & mind during pregnancy. Tone & strengthen the body to prepare for birth. Build confidence and courage. Bring awareness to the pelvic floor muscles. Connect with yourself, and connect to baby, & meet fellow mums at this extremely special & important time in your life.


Postnatal Yoga

A yoga class dedicated to rebuilding strength & empowering positive wellbeing in the months after birth. An open class for all women after vaginal or caesarian section births from 6-12 weeks postpartum*. Integrated pelvic floor toning & subtle movements to rebuild core strength. Stretches and relaxation for aching backs, shoulders, wrists as well as energising asana for the whole body. An emphasis on pranayama (breath work) for calming & relaxation. Act with compassion to yourself by carving out time specifically for you.



I like to offer a holistic yoga practice that will include asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra. An increased awareness of the breath & the use of sound during pregnancy & post-natally is a fantastic way to connect with your baby and will give you techniques for relieving the intense sensations of labour.

I believe being fit and active during pregnancy is important to prepare you not just for a positive labour experience, it will also aid your post-natal recovery, giving you energy for motherhood.

I am passionate about empowering women to go into labour, birth & motherhood feeling positive and knowing their options, yoga provides the tool for an open heart and a quiet mind allowing you to embark on your journey from a place of strength and courage.